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As a bachelor living away from your family, its difficult to resist a breakfast at roadside kaiyendhi Bhavan in Chennai. Early morning, birds chirping, busy people, busy road, you are waiting for a MTC bus to go to office after skipping breakfast; but besides you, there will be a Kaiyendhi Bhavan, which tempts you with its delicious aroma. Its an everyday battle in the morning for me where I try to resist the temptation to have a go at the roadside breakfast shop; a battle which I lose most of the days.

We all know Chennai is one of the busiest cities in India and it has the largest IT Park in Asia. If you visit the IT parks in Chennai, you will find a common factor among them all. You will find a “Potti Kadai” with attached “Kaiyendhi Bhavan” located just few metres away from the IT campus. When some IT people like to spend their leisure time in cafe coffee day or in food court (i.e. KFC, MC Donald’s, Subway, Pizza corner) inside the campus, there is another category of people who like to have their snacks/meals outside the IT Park at the K bhavan. When such guys flock the road-side shops, its not just about cutting the expenses, but it’s also about loving the atmosphere. 80% of the people working in Air conditioned atmosphere likes to see the real world in their 15 minutes break, while the other 20% takes off to peaceful ambience like the fancy restaurants mentioned above.

Coming back to Kaiyendhi bhavans near your regular bus stops, they will not have a menu card but the display of Idly, Poori, Dosa, Pongal, Vada Kari, Vada, Omlet is enough to make your tongue fall out of your mouth & drool! The K. bhavans will not have any proper seating and you have to eat by standing, but no one minds actually. And you don’t have to wait for the waiter to put Chatni, because it’s self-served and unlimited. By the way, there is nothing like mixing extra Chatni with Idly and Sambhar! From BMW car driver to its owner and from a IT employee to CEO, Kaiyendhi Bhavan is a place where everyone can feel like என்ன தான் ஃபைவ் ஸ்டார் ஹோட்டல்ல சாப்பிட்டாலும்` கையேந்தி பவன்லே கிடைக்கிற டேஸ்டே  தனி”.


                – Weslin

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