DREAMS – Malathi


Dreams are the seeds that nurture our future. They are the seeds which when planted yield beautiful fruits that could be cherished lifelong. Dreams are the tools that transform our thoughts into action. They are the ones that boost us up to reach our desired goal. Dreams don’t just mean the ones that we get while sleeping; they are the ones that we develop as a result of our grit and determination. They are the pictures of our future.

The beauty of our dream lies in the way we work for it. Just thinking of something and daydreaming about it doesn’t fetch any value to your dream. It’s the hard work and effort, which you put that bring laurels to you.  As inspired by our ex-president Dr.A.P.J Abdul kalam’s speech, I always believed in the beauty of my dreams. This saying of his inspired me a bit too much,

After reading his autobiography, I felt too inspired. That’s when I felt, with determination and hard work we can reach the peak too. His strong desire to follow his inner instinct made me think that it’s not the in-born talent that achievers possess, it’s their selfless effort that gained such name and fame. I was so much inspired by his humbleness and his trust towards his dreams. That’s when I started dreaming about my future, I started thinking how I should mould myself so that my inner instincts gets fulfilled. I started exploring my area of interests and started dreaming about my future. I also discovered the things I excelled at and the ones in which I lagged behind. This dreaming made me to make a self-evaluation about my own self.

I also came to know about many inspiring personalities who believed in the reality of their dreams. I took each of their lives as great lessons. One major thing I understood from their lives is that failure is never the end of your dreams, they are just a stepping stone to step up and reach your dreams. I found ways to utilize my time to get the best output and make things fall in line. Now, I have portrayed the picture of my dream and I’m working towards completing this beautiful picture in my life.

So I would say, “Never stop dreaming, Dream high, work towards your dream and achieve laurels.”


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